Febreze Candle- Meadows & Rain (5.5 Oz)


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  • Doesn’t just mask, truly eliminates odors
  • Double wick scented candles eliminate odors and freshen for hours and hours
  • Fresh-from-the-clothesline Linen & Sky scent
  • Complements any home decor and fits perfectly on countertops, tables, and mantels
Freshness you'll hate to blow out! The doublewick flame releases a welcoming glow and pleasing scent as it burns, eliminating tough odors such as food, pet, and smoke smells. Febreze double-wick candles complement any decor and infuse your home with warm, soothing freshness.
Weight 0.502 kg
Dimensions 8.5 × 8.5 × 9 cm
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    I always stick to the Febreze brand. This flavor doesn’t disappoint.

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