Lysol Laundry Additive Crisp Linen 2.7L X 4

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Lysol Laundry Additive specially designed to eliminate bacteria in laundry. Simply add Lysol Laundry Additive to your fabric conditioner compartment and use as directed. Lysol Laundry is an additive that eliminates bacteria that detergents leave behind . Works in all standard & HE machines. It does not contain any chlorine bleach and even works in cold water so is safe to use on most fabrics including whites and darks. Add to rinse cycle and leave product in rinse cycle for 16 minutes. Not intended to be mixed with laundry detergents in the main wash compartment . Use this product in the rinse cycle exclusively. Can be used on most washable fabrics. Not intended to use on silk or wool. Do not use on materials that can be washed in washing machines. Suitable for Baby clothes, Gym clothes , Undergarments , Towels , Bedding and delicates.
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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 cm

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