Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?
We are located in city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Do you sell prescription drugs?
No, we don’t sell any prescription drugs online. We only sell products that are approved by the Ontario College of Pharmacists for sale online. Any of the medication that we do sell is over-the-counter, which means it can be bought at a Canadian pharmacy without requiring a prescription from your doctor.

What does sell?
We know Canadians love variety and so do we! We strive to be the online retailer where you go to in order to find all your personal and household essentials! We offer thousands of different items including products for Baby & Kids, Beauty & Skin Care, Food, Green & Natural, Home Medical, House, Medicine, Personal, Pets, Sexual Wellness, and so much more! Get comfortable, put on your favourite shopping tunes, and take a look around!

If you can’t find the product you’re looking for, let us know !

Why buy my healthcare products online?
Our customers shop at for convenience and the friendliest customer care imagineable. We have a massive selection of Green & Natural, Baby, and Wellness products to suit every need. We also offer quick shipping on orders across Canada and throughout continental U.S.A.

What methods of payment do you accept?
You can use the following payment methods on Visa/Visa debit, MasterCard, American Express, Visa Checkout, Interac Online, PayPal, and Gift Cards.
If you’d like to pay using Visa Checkout, Interac Online, Visa Debit or PayPal, please make your order ONLINE as we cannot accept these options by phone.
At this time, we can only accept Canadian and American credit card numbers. We’re unable to accept cashier’s checks or money orders.

Can I trust
At, we aim to be the kindest, most friendly company you’ve ever shopped at. We secure all of your private information using strong encryption technology, and your information is always transferred using secure lines. We never sell or give your private information to anyone else.

How do I edit my account information?
If you’d like to update your account information, it’s super easy! To view your options, please follow these steps: Login to your account at; Click on your name at the top of the page; Select “View Personal Information.” You’ll be brought to a new menu wherein you can update information such as your name and address book entries. ***Please note, that to make any changes to the email address associated with your account or close your account, it is necessary to contact our Customer Care Team directly. They can be reached by phone, toll free to: 1-888-249-5354 Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm EST, or by email Our Customer Care team does their very best to respond to all email inquiries within 1 business day or less.

How old do I have to be to order at
To order at, you must be of the age of maturity as defined by your province or state. If you’re not an adult, please have a parent or guardian make your purchase for you.

Is my order subject to tax?
You will be charged tax based on the destination province or territory that your order is being shipped. Orders shipped to the USA are not subject to any tax. When you complete your order, we will calculate the required tax based on your location.

How do I know that my order has been received?
As soon as you make your order, you’ll receive an order confirmation email from us to let you know that we received your order. You’ll receive another email when your order is being processed, which means that it is being picked and packed with care by our shipping team. Finally, you’ll receive one more email to let you know when we’ve shipped your order from our shipping centre! If you have a question about the status of your order, please reply to your order update email(you can also email us at Providing us with your order ID (which you can find in your order confirmation emails) will allow our customer care team to help you more quickly. Didn’t receive an email confirmation for your order? This is probably because your email provider is putting our emails in your “Spam” or “Junk Mail” folder. Feel free to call us to confirm your order or check on its status, we’d be happy to hear from you!

When will I be charged for my order?
You will be charged as soon as you make an order.

How do I view the status of my order?
As the status of your order changes, you’ll receive notification emails. These emails will indicate when we receive your order, when your order is being processed, and when we ship your order from our shipping centre. You can also view the status of past and current orders by clicking on the “Login” text at the top right hand corner of every page. Then, click on the “My Account” button that appears on the top right hand corner of the page and you’ll be able to view all your current and past orders. We welcome you to reply to any of your order update emails (or you can reach us at if you have any questions about your order. Please have your order ID (which you can find in your order confirmation emails) ready to help us find your records quickly!

What will my order come to in US dollars?
All orders are billed in Canadian dollars. We show US prices as estimations, based on current exchange rates. Please speak to your credit card issuer to find out what exchange rate they use and whether there are any foreign transaction fees associated with cross-border shopping.

Can I make changes to an order that has already been placed?
We are unable to add items to an order, after it has been placed. We can, in some cases, edit the shipping address information or remove an item(s) associated with an order- this type of request is time-sensitive.
Once an order has entered the processing stage, we are not able to guarantee that amendments to an order will be possible. Please call or email our Customer Care team as soon as possible, if changes are desired, and we’ll be happy to help/advise, as best as possible.

How can I ensure that I do not lose the items in my cart?
If you are logged in to your account, the items you add to your shopping cart will be available on any browser and computer on which you use your account. The items will only be removed when you check out or remove them from from your cart manually. However, if you are not logged in to your account, remembers the items you have added to your shopping cart for 14 days, and only on the browser and computer on which you added the items. If you create an account or login with items in your cart, will automatically link your cart contents to your account and retain the contents on any browser or computer on which you are logged in to that account.

The item I want to purchase is sold out. What do I do now?
We are so sorry to hear that the product your  looking for is sold out! While we do not have a specific time frame as to when we can expect products to be restocked, we do have a handy-dandy tool to let you know when it’s available again! If you would like to be notified once this product becomes available, please visit the product page and enter your email address in the space provided.

Do I need a account to place an order?
Most of our communication regarding your order occurs automatically by email, and we do require an account to be made before placing an order.

Where can I find my order history?
After logging into your account, simply hover your mouse over your name at the top-right hand side of the page and click on “Order History” to review all your favourite items!

Where do you ship?
We ship to all locations in Canada and the United States that are served by Canada Post, UPS and USPS, with the exception of American Samoa, Guam, Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands (U.S.).

What shipping method do you use?
Orders are shipping using Canada Post and UPS. provides two shipping options. Our standard “Economy Shipping” is free for qualifying orders. Economy Shipping will deliver your package using standard shipping methods. “Express Shipping” is a premium service that is provided by our shipping partners. After leaving our distribution centre, our shipping partners will prioritize your package and work to deliver it as quickly as possible.

How long will my order take to arrive?
All orders require 1-3 business days of processing time to be picked, packed and prepared for shipping. Once your order leaves our warehouse, the estimated delivery time is determined based on the delivery location. You can estimate your shipping time here .

How do I track my order?
As soon as your order has shipped, we’ll notify you by email providing you with the tracking information for your package! This link is typically updated within 24 hours and, if you ever happen to lose that email, please note that you can also retrieve your tracking information from your Order History once you sign into your account! Use this number to track your shipment online or reply to any of your order update emails. Our customer care team will be happy to help you track your order!

How can you offer free Economy Shipping on qualifying orders?
At, we don’t spend a lot of money on advertising to reach new customers. Instead, we focus on improving our service so that our customers have the best experience possible when they shop with us. That’s how we can offer free Economy Shipping for qualifying orders in Canada, free Economy Shipping for orders over $99 in the United States, hassle free returns, the largest selection of health and beauty products online in Canada, customer support by email, phone, and un-timed customer care phone calls. We depend on word of mouth to help grow our company, so we hope that you will tell your family and friends if you enjoyed your experience with!
Is there an additional charge for Express Shipping?
$14.99 express shipping is available in Canada, excluding remote and difficult to serve locations. You can select this option during the checkout process. **Please note that Your express order will still be subject to 1-3 business days processing time, prior to being shipped.

What is your return policy?
We accept returns of unopened products up to 60 days after the date of purchase. Opened or used products, or any items marked as non-refundable on the product page are not within our return guidelines.
We also cannot accept any returns from products in the following categories:
Nursing Clothes
Disposable Diapers
Cloth Diapers
Re-usable feminine pads
All Car Seats
All Strollers
Infant Formula
Nutritional Drinks
Baby Gates
Salt Lamps
Toilet Risers
DockATot products
Bedding Accessories
Compression Stockings
Support & Braces
Ostomy Products
Clearance Items
Items which have been removed from their original packaging, assembled or modified
Any items marked as non-returnable on the product page

How do I make a return request?
If you would like to make a return request, please email with your order number (as quoted in the subject line of your Order Update emails) and the item(s) that you would like to return. One of our friendly Customer Care team members will reach out to you as soon as possible with the next steps!

Privacy and Security
What security measures do you put in place to protect my identity and financial information?
Your privacy is very important to us. In order to protect your identity and financial information, we encrypt all communications between you and our servers. strives at all times to protect the security and privacy of any information you provide over the internet to
Will I receive junk email from you after I place an order?
No, we don’t like spam either, and we have a strict policy against sending unsolicited emails. If you’d like to receive newsletters from us, you can sign up on our homepage. If you’d like to unsubscribe from our newsletter please email us at If you aren’t signed up for our newsletter then you’ll only receive notification emails from when you place an order. Those emails are just to keep you up to date on the status of your order.

I do not wish to give my credit card information online, are there alternatives?
Of course – we also offer Visa Checkout, Interac Online, and PayPal as methods of payments. If you’d prefer to give us your credit card information over the phone, you can call us at 1-888-249-5354 to place your order with one of our friendly customer care team members.

Why does ask to remember my credit card number?
During checkout, you have the option to have us remember your credit card number for future purchases. This makes one less step in checkout the next time you come back to visit us again! We will never make any charges to your credit card unless you’re making a purchase on

How does remember my credit card number?
To keep your personal information safe, employs a new technology called “payment tokenization” to remember your credit card information. That’s just a fancy way of saying we don’t actually store any information about your credit card number at all! Instead, when you complete a purchase we use your credit card number to get a secret token – a special random string of letters and numbers that has nothing to do with your credit card information – from the credit card payment provider. Then, when you want to make your next purchase, instead of sending your credit card number to the credit card payment provider we send the secret token. Just like all of our other financial transactions, this is done over a secure, encrypted communication line. We’re the only people that will see your secret token and even better, we’re the only people the secret token will work for. No one else can use your token to make purchases on your credit card.

How many credit card numbers can I save?
You can save a maximum of five credit card numbers. We’ll ask you to save a new credit card for each combination of billing and shipping addresses you use – this way we can be sure it’s you the first time we ship or bill to a new address!

How can I securely change the email address on my account?
To make any changes to the email address associated with your account, it is necessary to contact our Customer Care Team directly. They can be reached by phone, toll free to: 1-888-249-5354 Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm EST, or by email Our Customer Care team does their very best to respond to all email inquiries within 1 business day or less.

What is in your newsletter and communications?
Our newsletter and communications contain contests, company updates, product information, and highlights monthly and weekly specials. When you create an account at, you’ll be asked if you would like to subscribe – check the box to say yes. You can unsubscribe at any time. .

How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter?
Simply log in to your account and click here to unsubscribe from our newsletter. If you are having problems unsubscribing, email us at – please give us your email address and full name so we can unregister you.

Gift Certificates
How do I purchase a gift certificate?
Electronic gift certificates can be purchased like any other product, using any payment method. They can be purchased in $10, $25, $50, $75, and $100 amounts. Once purchased, the value of the electronic gift certificate will be added to your account in My You will be able to send the electronic gift certificate via email by clicking the link that appears below your shopping cart.

How do I send a gift certificate to a friend?
To send an electronic gift certificate first it will need to be purchased. Once purchased, log in to your account on and click on your name at the top right corner of the screen. On the “My Account Information” page, click on the Send Gift Certificates link. Follow the prompts to send the electronic gift certificate to the recipient via email.

How do I buy something using my gift certificate?
You can use gift certificate funds to purchase any item at If you already have gift certificate funds in your account, you will be asked to edit the amount that you would like to redeem during checkout. It’s as simple as that! *Please note: If the gift certificate balance in your account is less than the total cost of the purchase, you will be required to choose an additional payment option. If the gift certificate balance in your account is more than the total cost of your purchase, the remaining gift certificate funds will be left in your account.

What do I do with the gift certificate I receive in an email?
If you receive an electronic gift certificate by email, it will contain the sender’s name and a short message from the sender, as well as the gift certificate code. It is recommended that you print out this email for future reference. You can redeem the electronic gift certificate in one of two ways: 1. Click on the link contained within the email. You will be directed to the Redeem Gift Certificate page where you will be required to login to your account. If you do not already have an account you will be required to create an account. Once you do so, the gift certificate will be validated and added to your account. 2. During Step 2 of 3 of the checkout process, enter the gift certificate code in the “Gift Certificate Redemption Code” box and click Continue. The code will be validated and the amount added to your account. Once the amount of the electronic gift certificate has been added to your account, you can use it to purchase any item at

What should I do if I am having problems using or purchasing a gift certificate?
If you have questions regarding gift certificates, please contact Customer Care by email at Please include your full name, the email address with which the account was created, and any additional information that will assist us with responding to your concerns.

How do I use a Coupon Code?
Add the products that you’d like to purchase to your shopping cart – keep in mind, your discount will not be subtracted from the price yet. Proceed to checkout, and as soon as you get to “Step 2 of 3” of the checkout process (on the same page that you give your payment information) you’ll notice the “Coupon Code” field. Enter the code in the box provided and the amount will be discounted from your order!

Can I redeem a manufacturer’s coupon?
As it turns out, we cannot accept manufacturer’s coupons. If you have a coupon that has been issued by you can redeem it in “Step 2 of 3” of the checkout process. You will notice the “Coupon Code” field. Enter the code in the box provided and the amount will be discounted from your order!

Why isn’t my Coupon Code working?
There are a few different reasons why a coupon may not be working. First things is to ensure that you’re entering your coupon into the “Coupon Code” box in step 2 of 3 in checkout EXACTLY as the code is written. Lastly, please double check the email or card through which you were provided the code to double check the expiry date. If you’re still experiencing some difficulties using your coupon code, please send an email to our Customer Care team at and we’ll be happy to take a closer look on your behalf.
Please note, some products are not eligible for coupons use. reserves the right to disable codes at any time. Disabled codes will not be re-issued.

I am a returning Customer, how do I get a coupon to use at
As a returning customer, you stand to earn coupons by referring friends and family to place their first order with using our Referral Program! Additionally, always aims to share exciting coupons and offers regularily through our email newsletter and social media accounts. If you’d like to be amongst the first to find out about these special coupons and offers, please sign up for our newsletter and follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

I am about to place my first order on, is there a coupon offer for me?
Yes! If you are a new customer to, you are eligible to use a $10 off $40 Referral Coupon. If you have any friends or family members that shop on they can create a referral coupon through their account and share it with you! What’s more, when you use their coupon towards your first order, they’ll get a coupon of the same value in return, once your order ships out from our warehouse!!
*Please note: coupons are not intended to be posted externally on public sites and forums. is not responsible for, and cannot guarantee the integrity of any coupons or information posted on public sites and forums. Referral coupons may only be redeemed in conjunction with a valid credit card.

Are there any restrictions to be aware of when using coupons?
Yes. coupons are not intended to be posted on forums or public sites. Coupons cannot be combined with any other coupon or offer and are strictly limited to one per household. Coupons are not valid towards: cloth diapers, disposable diapers, baby formula, Britax, UPPAbaby, Peg Perego, KidKraft, 4Moms, Diono & gift certificates. Any orders containing mis used coupons may be subject to verification and cancellation, at the sole descretion of also reserves the right to disable coupons at any time.

My friend used my referral program coupon, how do I receive my referrer’s credit?
Thank you for your referral! You can manage all your referral program coupons directly through the “Referrals” section of your account! Please be advised that earned referrer’s coupons are not released to you immediately*, and are sent only once the order it was used towards (ie: your friends order) has shipped from our warehouse. * reserves the right to deny, cancel and/or withhold coupons at any time due to misuse or for any other reason, at our sole discretion.

Remote & Difficult to Serve Locations
Are there select locations excluded from Free Economy Shipping in Canada?
Yes, the economy shipping fees to remote locations are as follows: $29.99 shipping for orders under $99.99 $49.99 shipping for orders between $100 and $249.99 $74.99 shipping for orders between $250-499.99 $99.99 shipping for orders between $500 and $749.99 $149.99 shipping for orders between $750 and $999.99 $199.99 shipping for orders of $1000+. Orders shipping to “Difficult to Serve locations” qualify for free economy shipping when valued over $99. Orders below $99 are subject to a $19.99 economy shipping fee. Orders may qualify for additional shipping charges depending on the size and bulk of the order. Customers will always be contacted before any such charge is added.

How will I know if I am affected?
Click here To visit our Shipping & Returns page for more information and a full list of postal codes ineligible for free economy shipping.

If orders arrive damaged is there reimbursement for the cost of shipping?
Please contact our Customer Care team at should you receive a damaged order.